Pediatric Specialty Care Centrics Urgent Care

pediatric urgent care

  • As parents and healthcare workers we understand the importance of safe and timely medical care for your child. There is no need to experience long wait times or have your child exposed to an environment with other sick patients. Our team of highly trained, professional medical providers can attend to your child in the comfort of your home by giving pediatric urgent care. We specialize in treating non-emergent pediatric related illness.
  • We can provide covid-19 testing for your child in the comfort of your home so that your child can safely return to school, attend camp, and participate in sports or other activities.
  • We are happy to complete your child’s yearly physical evaluations required for school and sports participation.

  • Most common pediatric conditions we can treat:

          • Allergic reactions

          • Bronchitis

          • Cough

          • Common Cold

          • Cuts and Burns

          • Ear pain

          • Skin infection

          • Sinusitis

          • Sore throat/Strep throat

          • Sprains and Strains

          • Urinary Tract infection

          • Other minor illness and injuries


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